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Kids & High Ropes Challenge

Kids are natural climbers. While high ropes challenge course builds endurance and physical skills as well as mental development, it’s a healthy option for children who are not interested in traditional kids sports.


high ropes course

Kids and High Ropes Challenge can be regarded as perfect partners, because kids bring laugh and vigor to the static high ropes course, and high ropes challenge course facilitates kids’ development in a comprehensive way:


1.    Confidence – Facing the giant high ropes and aerial challenge, it’s the confidence in kid’s that drives him or her to start the first step. And after finish the challenge course, confidence increased.

2.    Concentration – Obstacles in high ropes challenge course are various and require kid’s concentration to overcome them. Kids should concentrate himself to solve the problems he faces step by step.

3.    Resolution – During the challenge, kids will challenge himself again and again. Whether to give up or go on is subject to, not just courage, also his determination, sense of honor, and strong resolution.

4.    Physical Coordination – To challenge the high ropes course, kid’s arms, legs and the whole body should be nimble enough. When he tried for the first time, he may have no ideas, but the next time, he will make progress, and time after time, you can see he is so flexible when trekking on the high ropes and he becomes nimble.

5.    Observation – Every problem won’t be solved without careful observation. If kids want to overcome the obstacles in the high ropes, he should observe them carefully.


Most playgrounds are designed to cater for kids and create fun, laugh. However, apart from the basic function of general playgrounds, working as an adventure playground, high ropes challenge is a more loyal partner to kids who brings them more.


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