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Italy Noodles
  • Italy Noodles

Italy Noodles

Italy noodles indoor climbing wall is not as easy as what it looks like. Participant will love it once they try.JP will help you in construction as a professional climbing wall builder.

Difficulty: ★★★★

Specification: Height: 4.8m, 6m, 7.2m (FYI: height could be customized fit to playground)

                      Width: 1.2m

Players Range: 15kg~150kg

Description: Participants grab each part of static rope and climb up with stepping on the horizontal bar to the top end. Hands grab the belay line with a constantly descending speed and a comfortable landing.

Maintenance: Inspect the bolts daily, fasten them if loosen.

Ground Requirements: Usually build indoor, fasten the anchors into ground.

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